Alquds Fund and Endowment (AQFE) is an independent non-profit organization, which was found through an initiative by a group of people who care about the future of the city of Jerusalem.  AQFE was first established to enable and strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and to promote development in various sectors in the Holy City in a manner that preserves the national identity of the city and the Palestinian existence in it.

In light of the unstable conditions in many important and influential Arab countries, the Palestinian cause declined in terms of urgency after having been the first cause at the Arab and regional level for years. In contradiction, the direct infringement and Israelization of the city of Jerusalem and the multiple attempts to uproot and displace its population did not decline at all. In fact, the confiscation of lands and expansion of settlements in and around the city only escalated. In result, the city’s need for development projects that contribute to empowering and strengthening the resilience of its people suddenly exceeded.  Therefore, in response to the overall circumstances, Alquds Fund and Endowment was launched with development based plans for the protection and re-construction of the city of Jerusalem in the absence of an organization holding significant potentials that can rejuvenate the situation in the city.

We are currently following the first comprehensive strategic plan for the next five years 2016-2020, in which Alquds Fund and Endowment commences its development and empowerment work in Jerusalem.  We are determined persistently to collect 1 Billion USD from the Arab and Islamic world to achieve implementing the projects and services which Jerusalem needs in order to be well-preserved and sustained.